Sharing calendar with co-workers


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  • Weronika Rogalewska


    At this moment we are planning the project of "permissions" in BedBooking app.The Permissions will allow you to only give access to individual BedBooking sections (e.g. financial reports, calendar), and you will be able to view the history of changes made by a given user. This way you'll prevent unwanted access to reservations.

    We will inform you about the progress by e-mail and on our website

    Thank you for being an active member of BedBooking community!

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  • betikispapaya

    We also really need this feature. Currently we have merely 100 agents. Everyday at least 40% will contact us to check the rooms availability. Its so tiring just for checking. This feature gonna help us alot!

    Dear BedBooking,

    How the progress of the project "permissions" ? When the feature will be available?

    Many thanks in advance.

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