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    Hello Zhanna
    I will try to explain how the calculation of a price for the children works in our system, using your specific example for it.
    1. You have the price of 85 euro for 4 people, and 55 euro for 2 people.
    2. You are trying to book 2 adults + 2 children = 4 people total.
    3. We then take the price of 4 people, and divide it by the number of people = 85 / 4 - that gives us a 21,25 base price for one person in that scenario.
    4. Then, we calculate the discount for one child, as 50%( what you have set in the price list). 21.25 *50% = 10.625 - this is a price for a children after the discount.
    5. Then, we sum all the things ups using the prices above. = 2x21.25 Euro(2 adults) + 2x10.625 Euro (2 children) = 42,5(adults) + 21.25 (children) = 63,50 as the final calculated price.

    Sadly, at the current version of our application it is not possible to just set the price of the children to be at given value, but we know this is an issue, and in few months we will release entirely new version of our application which will have this issue addressed. You will be able to just set a price for a child without making any calculations.

    Right now it is not really possible to have fixed price o 7,50 for a child, because the base price is different for every occupancy, and the price for the child is calculated from the partial occupancy price.
    Please take a look at the new version of our web application that will be released in few months.

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