Request of functionalities on the new app



  • Grzegorz - Support Team

    Hello Marco, 

    Thank you for that awesome suggestions, however, most of those features requested by you is already available in BedBooking applications, on the web Application, iOS application and on our web application as well.

    To access special fields, like deposit, client nationality, payment upfront made and so on, please click to add a new reservation on the calendar view, then click on the dotted icon in top right corner our the screen. You will there find an option to manage "other fields" - when you can enable visibility of many extra fields in the reservation form,

    Saving a document or a photo, will not really become an option in the nearest future.

    Let us know if you found what you were looking for in the extra fields, and what is the device you are using our App on, Android, or iOS?

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  • myOZexp Admin

    HI team,

    I'm using the bed booking on my PC, with Chrome and I can't find the option to add the extra fields.

    Is it an option only for the App?

    And is there any way to delete a costumers from the database?

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