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    Piotr Walichnowski

    Hello Domaine

    Thank you for your question.

    We do not offer such option as a default, but you can edit the invoice item once you are in the invoicing program, before you send it to your client. You can put date of arrival/departure, room number and anything else you need.


    But since you raised that question, can we ask you why would you need to put dates on your invoices?

    Is it your country's policy?

    We would like to know the reason, as we are always trying to fit your needs.


    Kind regards

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  • BedBooking Office

    We don't offer support in French right now.

    How we can help you?

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  • Domaine Du Geisberg


    For the invoice program I need the date of reservation on the bill.

    Date of entrance and date of departure.

    Thank you for teh modification.

    Marc Nadler


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